Repair FAQ

  • Is Fonecare Authorised service center for all mobile phone brands?

    No. Fonecare is not Authorised for any mobile phone brands unless specified.

  • Why should I send my Mobile Phone to You?

    We are one of the Indias leading non-warranty Mobile Phone repair centres. We have been dealing with repairs on mobile devices for the last 10 years.We offer a fast efficient repair service for all Mobile Phone. Most Mobile Phone repairs carry a 3 month warranty. Check Terms and Conditions for full details.

  • Why we Choose Fonecare instead of an authorized service center?

    Choosing Fonecare helps you in fetching good quality of service in best turn around time. A pool of technical experts here pays full attention on your product from its receiving till its delivering. High product testing & better warranty policy is present here at Fonecare to provide you full satisfaction. The key reasons are given below:

    • Repair rate  much cheaper tha Authorised service center
    • Fast Turn Around Time than authorised service centers
    • Fonecare Service centers located at convenient places
    • Free Pickup Drop facilty, no such service is provided ay authorised service centers.
    • Better repair ratio for Non warranty phones as compared to authorised service centers as authorised service centers are not too interested in repairing Non warranty phones.
  • How long will I have to be without my Mobile Phone while its being repaired by Fonecare?

    Most repairs are carried out within 3-5 working days; some high level repairs such as liquid damage can take longer.
    We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times. However, on some occasions our turnaround times can be extended due to a high level of repairs or parts availability.
  • Your center in not in my town/city. Then how do I get my Mobile repaired from you?

    You can send the Mobile phone through reputed courier service. We will repair the Phone and send it back to you.The payment has to be made either Online bt bank transfer or credit card.

  • Will I still have my Phone warranty intact?

    Unfortunately any repairs not done by the manufacturer will usually void your warranty

  • Do I get any warranty on Repairs?

    Yes we offer a full 7 Days warranty on all parts and repairs (except liquid damage that is covered for 3 days).
  • Will I get charged if you cannot repair the Phone?

    We do not charge any amount to customers if the phone is not repairable. But if the phone is repairable and you decide not to repair the phone than we charge a small amount of Rs.450/- towards the time spent on trying to get your device repaired
  • How can I pay for my repairs?

    We accept both Cash payment and cheque payment. In case of cheque payments, the Phone will be delivered only after realisation of cheque.
  • Will I lose my data saved on my Phone?

    We endeavour to keep all data unless it is necessary to remove as a part of the repair. These repair usually include software problems. We always recommend customers to take a backup before submitting Phone for repairs.
  • If you can’t fix my Phone can you buy the Phone?

    Yes, we do buy scrap and non working phones. We use these phones for our training institute.
  • When do I pay for the repair? Do I need to pay in advance?

    You have to pay for repairs at the time of delivery of the Phone. You need pay anything in advance, unless some special parts needs to be procurred for you, in which case we will inform you.

  • Is Fonecare an authorised service center for Apple Devices?

    No. We are not authorised service center for Apple Devices. We repair Non Warranty Apple Devices. If your Apple Device is under warranty, we recommed that you visit your nearest authorised Apple service center.

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