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Mobile Insurance Companies all India repair support. Please call our Helpline number 022 434533333

Mobile phone Insurance business is flourishing in India. Since mobile phones are more prone to accidental damaged or theft, customer prefer to get the mobile phone insured. This has resulted in many companies entering into mobile phone insurance business.

The crital part of the mobile insurance business is back end repair management. Insurance Providers often have to manage multiple service partners with unreliable performance and unclear costs. Fonecare can provide complete service management solutions for any mobile phone insurance company through its web based CRM platform. Fonecare can offer services PAN India and for all brands of mobile, tablets and laptops. We will provide the following services for mobile phone insurance companies :

1. Call center support

2. One stop contact point for all repairs irrespective of brand or location

3. Pickup Drop management of the devices

4. Getting best quotation for repairs from Authorised service centers

5. Handset repairs through authorised service partners after the approval of quotations

6. Billing and payment to authorised service centers.


Benifits to the Insurance Companies:-

green tick  High Customer Satisfaction

green tick

  Single point of contact

green tick  Predictable performance and service fulfillment

green tick  Economies of scales in repairs, logitics and inventory

green tick  Lower administration and management cost

green tick  Complete real time transperancy

So now insurance companied can focus more in marketing and business expansion rather than making and managing services. For more details please feel free to contact Mr.Rajesh Dungrani 02 +919821018006 or Mr.Mahesh Ner on +919870436796.


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