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  • Buying a mobile in Dubai for use in India.
  • Worried about warranty repair support in India.
  • Brands do not provide free warranty for imported mobiles.
  • Fonecare and jumbo brings to you a Unique proposition – ISP
  • India Service Pack (ISP) – complete peace of mind
  • Leave your worries to us by attaching the ISP while buying mobiles

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In India 1st time - Warranty Repair Support for imported mobiles exclusively sold by Jumbo and supported by Fonecare

2 years - 100% parts & labour charges coverage

Current Scenario
  • A large number of Customer’s purchase smartphones when travelling out of India especially from Dubai, Middle East Countries.
  • It has been observed that most of such devices are not eligible to get any official warranty support from OEM Authorised Service Centres in India.
  • When any problem in India, end up paying very high repair cost
India Service Pack Offering
  • Subscribing to India Service Pack powered by Fonecare makes the customers eligible to get post sales service support free of cost.
  • One/two year free repair support anywhere in India against all electrical & mechanical faults for Smart devices purchased.
  • Submit the devices to Fonecare networked service centre/Drop Points & avail software/ hardware support of at no additional cost.
  • Nationwide service support.
Service Support Process:
  1. The customer to call Fonecare Call centre - 02243453333 for enquiring about nearest service centre.
  2. The customer to visit the nearest service centre and submit the mobile for repairs.
  3. The service centre would check the phone and accept the same for repairs as per India Service Pack terms and conditions.
  4. If the phone is physically damaged/ liquid logged then the service centre would explain the same to customer and may accept for repairs at cost, if repairable.
  5. The service centre will issue repair job sheet to the customer.
  6. The customer will be informed about approx. time for repair and device will be returned back post repairs only on submission of original job sheet.
  7. If there is no nearby service centre, then the customer will be offered the option of picking up & couriering the device to Fonecare centralized repair facility at Mumbai.
  8. Fonecare will repair the device as per terms and conditions of India Service Pack and return back the handset to customer thru courier.
Customer Support

Helpline(-+91 - 22 - 43453333)
Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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