Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Phonecare all about?

    Fonecare is pioneer in the mobile phone repair business and repairing center started in 1999 and in just few years it has created its niche in the market with a continuous and sustained excellent service. The company offers reliable and expert mobile phone servicing solutions for all the brands either under warranty or out-of-warranty handsets. In a decade of its existence the firm enjoys a reputed brand image along with a large pool of satisfied customers.

  • What exactly is a Fonecare franchise? What will we do?

    As a Phonecare franchisee, you will start a service center for repairs of all gadgets including mobile phones, laptops and tablets. You will own and run the service center

  • I am a non technical person. Can I start a Fonecare service center?

    Yes. You can run a service center even if you are a non technical  person. You should be a good entrepreneur. We have a sound and robust  process to enable you to run the service center smoothly.

  • Is Area for my franchise protected?

    Don't worry, we will never appoint another franchsie next door. Every franchise store is protected based on the population density of the region, protected either by a zip code listing, city/town border or by creating a radius - generally a minimum of 4 Kms- around an individual franchise store.

  • Who is Competitor?

    There are actually countless “mobile phone repair” shops  generally in most market areas.But you can easily beat the competition as:

    • They do not have enough repair Capabilities to handle all gadgets
    • Have untrained and unskilled Manpower
    • Lack systems, process and hence cannot deliver customer experience
    • They have problem in availibily of genuine and good spares.
  • Marketing, how do I get customers?

    By making use of local advertising and marketing, Press and social media and all of these we shall help in developing and also maintaining. Also creating awareness within your freinds, relatives, neighbours and social groups.

    You will also get customers searching through internet and visiting our websites where in your store will be listed.

  • Will you provide techincal staff for repairing?

    No. Fonecare will not provide technical staff for repairing at your center. Fonecare will definetely assist you in hiring the staff from your local area and also provide with the database of technical staff if we have any.

  • Biggest challange, how do we search for technical staff?

    Normally there are local mobile repair shops and authorised service centers present in all the areas, you can try to get the technical person these shops by some trick or reference. You can also approach mobile training institute in the nearby area. Once you hire, we will train him on all the products. We will also try to get the technicians from our database.

  • Why Fonecare does not provide technical staff themselves?

    We are based in Mumbai. We can get as many technicians for Mumbai, but sending technicians to your location does not become feasible as well as economical. Once we start M1 centers all across India, where we will be imparting repairing courses, getting the technical team will become a lot easier and economical.

  • What if after some time technical person leaves the job?

    From our past experience, a technician will not leave a job if gets good technical work to do and good working environment. At Phonecare we will provide them both. In case the technical staff leaves, you need to hire another staff again. We will provide him the complete training at the location decided by us. There will be no cost of training, but the lodging and boarding cost will be on franchisee.

    Also we will provide you the facility of sending the gadgets you receive to our repair factory. We will repair and return the same.

  • What training will you provide?

    We will provide following training:

    • Technical training catering repairing of all gadgets
    • Operational training - handling customers, giving estimates, handling escalations, spares procurement etc.
    • CRM Training
    • Marketing and Promotion Training
  • Where will you provide initial training?

    Initial training of one 4 weeks will be provided at Mumbai, our Head Office. The lodging and boarding cost will be borne by franchisee.

  • Will you provide training at our store?

    Yes. Just before launch or after launch our executive will visit your store and provide in store training.

  • Will there be any regular training?

    Yes. There will be yearly sessions of refresher training & meets.

  • Who will pay the salary of the franchise staff?

    All employees shall be on rolls of the Franchise and their salaries shall be payable by the Franchise.

  • Is franchise fee refundable

    NO. Franchise fees are not refundable.

  • What is the term of the contract? Are there any renewal fees?

    The contract period is of five years. The contract is renewable and there are no franchisee fees on renewal.

  • How do you keep me current in this ever-evolving market?

    Fonecare provides ongoing training and updates as and when new technology or features or models pop up in the market. This includes technical updates, repair webinars, private forum access, video libraries and lots of additional kinds of support.

  • Where do I buy parts?

    You have an option to buy spares from us or from Fonecare approved retailers or local retailers. We

  • Size of the typical storefront?

    Relatively small, anywhere from 300 to 500 sq feet.

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